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Grappling Weave Belt

Item # 4950

Roll with confidence in this Kataaro-exclusive Grappling Weave jujitsu belt. Featuring three layers of our solid 100% cotton weave material, this belt is hearty, firm, yet pliable with a highly reliable knot. Sewn 1/2-inch rank stripes and 3/4-inch instructor trim can be added for accurate rank representation.

Hand-crafted, American-made. You've earned it.

  • Three layers of 100% cotton weave material
  • 1/2-inch rank stripes with 1/8" spacing
  • 3/4-inch instructor trim (if selected)
  • Reinforced sewn ends
  • Hand-crafted, American-made

Note: Washing your Kataaro Grappling Weave Belt can result up to 8% length shrinkage.

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Customer Reviews

by on May 10, 2019

Fantastic belt. Stays tied and looks great. Quality materials and workmanship. Highly recommend the grappling weave belt.

by on April 13, 2019

The grappling belt is fantastic. Stays tied when rolling and is very durable. I also love the look and feel of the belt.

by on February 14, 2019

Thanks, Gage for helping me select the right belt and taking the time to go over my next belt as well. If you do jiu jitsu or you just want an awesome belt, the grappling weave is absolutely the best. They were right - from the box right to the mat, the knot held super tight as they said it does. I couldn't be happier, they made it to my requirements and I got it fast. Thanks again

by on August 16, 2018

This is the best belt I have ever owned! It is the only belt I have every owned that stays tied when I am rolling. I have been practicing BJJ for 16 years and I have a few black belts in my "collection" but the quality of this belt surpasses all the other belts out there...I will buy another when I wear this one out...

by on January 25, 2018

Just wanted to take a quick moment to tell you how stoked I am on my new Kataaro Black Belt. It's a beautiful, well crafted, detailed piece of work. Thank you, I'm sure i'll have it for the rest of my life! Oss!! Josh

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